Allen & Boyd

Allen and Boyd provide professional tax, financial, and consultancy services to industry leaders around the world. It is one of the largest. Professional services firm across the world and just outside the top ten of the biggest privately owned organizations in the United States.

The Challenge

A&B needed to reestablish their reputation for providing the optimum services to clients by updating a constant influx of expert data analysis to clients. They needed content that was not only relatable, but also refreshing and unique from a host of other similar firms.


We were able to create a custom mobile solution which was designed to enhance value. We were able to empower editors at the company to tailor their own development techniques while giving the users to pick the interfaces which they felt was most applicable to them.

This not only increased their visibility across board, it was able to help them significantly reduce the time it took to update fresh content thereby giving the company a consistently strong voice. This has allowed them to become the go-to guy when it comes to producing engaging and interactive content in the financial industry in the present.