Because of our versatility in producing top notch applications, we have been able to create unique solutions for different industries. Some of the industries are:


The education sector has recently begun to embrace the use of information technology to simply their processes as well as the value chain. This has enabled us to create applications and custom solutions which have helped not less than 100 clients in this particular sector.

Our education software has been able to increase the quality of education of the child creating flexible alternatives for the students, the tutors as well as the management. In all aspects of the education industry, these education software has come a long way to totally transforming the education landscape. Some of these changes include:

  • Bringing resources together in one easy convenient location for the learner, the tutor and the outer world
  • Increasing mobility
  • Allowing for collaboration between multiple educational facilities
  • Shortening the process of administrative procedure
  • Increasing the capacity for research and studies


This is one industry where the use of technology cannot be underestimated. Healthcare sector has grown exponentially within the last few years and this has led to the utilization of medical software.

This has helped strengthened the healthcare industry leaving it poised for future growth. Before the implementation of software for the health care industry, these were some of the challenges faced:

  • Adhering to regulatory standards in the provision of adequate healthcare
  • The risk of negligence and misconduct while attending to patients.
  • The ability to keep patient information private and confidential


The healthcare software we develop are aimed at assisting with medical care as well as helping to improve profitability for organizations in that sector. We are aware of the numerous uncertainties which plague this industry and our aim is to provide cheap, convenient, and effective methods by which these companies can achieve their organizational objectives in this industry. Some of our proven competencies include:

  • Integrated intelligence solutions with custom innovations which enable users to better manage chronic illnesses while dispensing drugs in an efficient manner.
  • Applications that further assist with ovulation cycles to give couples the best chance for conception as well as prevention of pregnancy.
  • We also have applications which are built to monitor the health conditions of susceptible patients who may suffer from high blood pressure or cardiovascular diseases.


The sports industry is one which has surpassed all predictions of growth. It has skyrocketed in an astonishing period of time to become the trillion dollar industry it is today. Because of this, there has been an incredible push towards innovation and technology to bring a better standard to how sports are learned, practiced, maintained, conducted, recorded, as well as consumed by billions of people all over the world on multiple devices such as PCs, mobile phones, tablets, and televisions.

At our company, we provide bespoke solutions so that this industry can leverage on the IT industry to create important components such as mobile applications, custom simulators, and analytical gadgets to increase the performance of athletes and sport stars in the industry.

Our long years of working in this sector and creating custom solutions for clients had endeared us to so many clients while this has enabled us to work with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Some of the solutions we have created in this sector include injury management for analysis for athletes to help them with the time frame for returning back to action, and simulators for F1 drivers to factor in times.